Thursday, August 5, 2010

Centaur all up in my yin yang

This centaur keeps coming back... I had the first version... which although I enjoy parts of it, looking back on it i was too fixated on the ZOOM aspect of photoshop and lost site of the illustrated whole. Maybe Ill try to go back into it to unify the piece/character more... hmmm...

THEN i began reworking him... changed the pose a bit then just changed him completely w/ a completely new comp. I still like the rough sketch... but then again i got all muddled up with wanting to do a massive (600 dpi) piece and put my computer system through that pixel crunching test... annnnnd i struggled with that piece... from trying to fish out the details to just maintaining an excitement with it... Ultimately it puttered stalled and died. :(

THEN i just said the HELL with it and flashed through a completely new variant (well 90% new >:P) and Im digging it again. Also to avoid the pitfalls/curse of this Centaur im working zoomed out the majority of the time, only zooming in when some details need fleshing out more...

Heres to the creative process. :P

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