Thursday, January 26, 2012

Painter 12

I had Painter 10 for some years, but failed to actively use the program and defaulted to the mainstream of using primarily Photoshop... however i recently upgraded to painter 12 as i really liked the new interface and digged all the extras Corel provided on their website... webinars, many tutorials and the like.... just had me thinking about how one of their selling points is "created by artists for artists"... which resonated with me... Photoshop is no doubt a powerhouse for creating digital art, but i think Painter has some slickness that photoshop just cant match and that would be its brushes and brush engine. The feel and customization allowed is pretty damn fresh. :)

i had quite a time going through all bagillion of the brushs, trying to see which ones would fit my work flow best, and after literally an all nighter, I managed to nail down a few and tame them to my liking. The funny thing is that they really do match traditional mediums with some slickness, but since i have been working PS brushes for so long I kept trying to modify the cool traditional brushes into the more digital PS set... luckily it didnt take me that long to realize what i was doing and i let go and then just started painting with a grin.

Very cool and fun program. I hope i can spin some digital painting with a bit more control with Painter and set myself apart from the legions of PS users.... >:P

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