Thursday, February 9, 2012


I havent really done a thorough line drawing since my college days... seems that I always want to jump into the render mode as quickly as possible. However Ive been studying many of the artists whos work i really admire (Wayne Reynolds in particular) and came to see that most of them setup a super solid underdrawing... soooo im doing my best to get back into what i once ONLY did: LINES.

not the easiest thing doing with a tablet.... maybe a cintiq would make it a much more pleasurable experience.... one that I hope to finally get my hands on as Playmesh went ahead and authorized getting me (and team :P) one to test drive!

With this method i just hope to have much more of my thinking done with the piece vs. free form painting and creating/erasing as I go along. That and to strengthen my draftsmanship.

Hopefully as I work through it, the progress/levelin' up with start to show.

This is the start of my new portfolio, i think theres enough odds and ends in here to inspire a good story, as is the aim of any personal piece I do, maybe Ill think of a couple more details to throw in on my next session w/ fresh eyes. Otherwise ill start doing some color/light studies and start to render out this bidness. ;P

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