Monday, November 22, 2010

Been a little bit.... HOWEVER i havent just been sitting twiddling my toes.... most twiddle the thumbs yes... not I, it was toe twiddles.. err.. i mean the absence of.... in any case: :P The bottom image was from a test i did for new gaming company... Two versions of the same character aimed at different audiences... I later realized that this particular company wanted me to be more "cute" and vector based... Needless to elaborate upon... i didnt pursue that avenue further. >:P

The top image is a Portrait sketch that i didnt use from a batch that I JUST finished from my first major illustration gig with Paizo! I was very surprised when i got an email from the art director as I had sent out my "hey, check out my folio" months prior... but hey, ive listened to enough podcasts and read enough stories to know thats not entirely uncommon... be that as it may I was still pleasantly surprised. The job went smoothly and i got a follow up gig, so im feeling pretty chum with my freelance illo self. :P

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