Saturday, December 18, 2010

burly tomahawk

Finally finished this one off, another notch on the portfolio belt. Im not sure how many no/white background characters Ill be doing after this as I realize that its really difficult to later ad in a background vs. from the get go and likewise having a background enables a bit more Chiaroscuro given the ability to push and pull with light and dark along the edges... hmm... :) I have several more character pieces that just need some wacom lovin to finishem up and hopefully ill get to them soon, whether or not i make them more illustrations vs. rendered concepts remains to be seen... :P

Got my 3rd Paizo gig in a row, feeling pretty good to be doing some fairly steady freelance, but I also realize were i doing this full time id have to be knocking out portfolio pieces side by side with my current freelance assignment because until i start landing cover work or just bigger jobs it would be very difficult to make a living... But i suppose thats relative. In any case, the other interesting bit of art bidness info is at least with RPG companies, at least with my experience so far, is that its payment upon publication.... or more so a bit after publication. Soooo for instance if Im doing steady work for a company, a good batch each month and payment is not for 3-4 months after each deadline... before I get my first check I could very well have thousands of dollars in what is essentially IOU's... makes for something to look forward to when the cycles finally overlap, when im getting checks for jobs i completed months ago, kind of like finding cash in your pocket.... a lot of cash. :P In any case, its definately something im noting for when i really start upping my output and perhaps seriously consider quitting my non art day job... Got to have money in the bank to hold up for the inbetweens of jobs and payments.....


  1. Cool mug 'n axe, love the depth of form and the character you managed to achieve with the face. The torso muscles though, could have used a lot more love. The treatment there seems a bit too uniform, you could loose a lot of the detail by unifying some shapes/volumes, especially in the shadow.

  2. thanks for the crit, and youre right, i struggled trying to give him some assymetrical ab action, but every time i switched it up i inevitably made the same uniform abs... lol, guess ill just find me some burly ab reference. :)